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05NOV 2016

Florida Professional Engineers – Recent Administrative Code Changes Regarding Engineering Documents


Engineers in Florida are subject to a comprehensive regulatory scheme enacted by the Florida Legislature with further regulations implemented by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.  Professional engineers have a legal (and professional) obligation to remain apprised of any changes in the laws and rules in order to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.  Recently, the Florida Board of Professional Engineers enacted changes to the Rule governing the Minimum Requirements for Engineering Documents that will impact its engineer-licensees in their Florida practices.

Rule 61G15-30.003, Florida Administrative Code sets minimum requirements for issuance of engineering documents issued by a licensed Florida professional engineer.  The prior rule only required engineering documents to represent their compliance with the Florida Building Code and applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.  The new language requires the documents to comply with the currently enacted “laws, ordinance, rules and regulations in effect the date the documents are signed and sealed.”  If the engineering documents are intended to comply with any Federal, State or Municipal or County standard, code, ordinance, law or rule other than those currently in effect in the relevant jurisdiction, the documents must clearly state the regulation, edition and effective dates of the regulation to which the documents are intended to conform.  The change is to assist the end user as well as building departments and other regulatory agencies in clearly understanding the engineer’s intent when issuing the engineering documents.

Another minor change to Rule 61G15-30.003 requires engineers to list their name and business address on all preliminary or conceptual drawings.  Previously, this requirement only applied to final signed and sealed drawings.

It is crucial for all Florida Professional Engineers to comply with the currently enacted laws and rules governing their profession.  Failure to comply could result in administrative disciplinary action against the engineering license and possibly expose the engineer to civil liability.

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